Cinnamon Orange- Mate

Want something that will instantly put in that place of home and serentity? This is the one to drink then. An instant hit at the shop.$4.25/50 g
× 50 g

Yerba Mate

Rich in caffeine and was used as a beverage in Latin America before the advent of coffee.$4.40/50 g
× 50 g

Peach Mate

Finest Yerba Mate blended with Rooibos leaves, flower blossoms and a very pleasant peach flavour.$4.15/50 g
× 50 g

Mate Chai

Finest Yerba Mate blended with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, anise, flower blossoms, and a natural vanilla flavour. WOW! All the flavour of chai with the invigorating properties of Mate. Definitely one of my favourites!$4.25/50 g
× 50 g

Vanilla Ginger Mate

Blended with the finest Yerba Mate, rooibos, ginger, Bourbon vanilla, sunflowers, safflowers, and natural vanilla,ginger flavour. The lingering sweetness will leave you reaching for another cup.$4.25/50 g
× 50 g

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